Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All things bright and beautiful

Where have all the beautiful flowers and blossoms been hiding? Suddenly there is an abundance everywhere I look. From the blossom in the trees to the delicate wild flowers that line every hedgerow, the mass of bluebells in the woods and even the stinging nettles are proving they aren't all bad with their delicate, white, bell like flowers.

I don't mean to come over all poetic, but their beauty is pretty awesome. Perhaps it is the late spring that has forced them to bloom in unison, or maybe I have just become more observant (and handy with a camera!)  All these photos I have taken around Bramble & Fox HQ.

 Whatever the reason I am certainly full of the joys of spring (albeit in June) because of them, and they inspired me to use these gorgeous lustre vases availble from Bramble & Fox to decorate the dining table and, well just about everywhere else too!

The vases are so small and delicate, that they are perfect for displaying teeny tiny wild flowers which make a really unusual, beautiful (and dare I say cost-effective) centrepiece!

Even a few stems of textured grass look fab, and they are not so large they make it impossible to talk to the person opposite you, so hopefully you will want to talk to the person opposite you. ;)